Our Emotional Resilience Webinar Starts Wednesday, Sept. 15th!

Do you struggle with hope and fear of success and failure? Do these concerns keep you up at night? 

Have you ever successfully achieved a goal, only to find it wasn’t “the answer” after all? Or perhaps you’ve watched yourself fail at something, knowing it was self-sabotage but unable to stop yourself before the whole thing came crashing down?

If we are not connected to our true values, we may run harder and faster to achieve accomplishments that just leave us exhausted and unfulfilled. Despair can easily weigh us down.

As we face the uncertainty of our time, hoped for solutions can quickly become obsolete. But chasing success and avoiding failure robs us of our enthusiastic spirit and makes us lose heart.

We need skills that protect us from emotional overwhelm. We need skills to be resilient!

In this webinar you will learn the 4 quickest ways to access your joyful, creative power. With these 4 skills, you can enjoy success and learn from failure — remaining resilient and enthusiastic about life.

Join Jack Elias, CHT in this 4 part Zoom webinar on Wednesdays, Sept 15 – Oct 8, 2021.

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Recordings of each live webinar will be available to view for 1 week. Zoom links will be sent weekly to registered students.

“Jack teaches from a place of great certainty. He encouraged, and then answered  our questions with a wonderful blend of humour, compassion and humility while at the same time cutting through our illusions like a laser.”
– Paul Thomas, Mid Wales Hypnotherapy, UK

“Jack Elias is an IMPECCABLE hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher, combining Buddhist wisdom with Western understandings. He shows us ways to expand and realize our full potential!”
– Ashley H., North Carolina, USA


In this 4-part weekly webinar you will learn:


How to Eliminate the Fear of Failure

12pm PDT  |  8pm BST


How to Avoid the Hidden Traps of Success

12pm PDT  |  8pm BST


How to Connect with Your True Motivation 

12pm PDT  |  8pm BST


How to Clearly Recognize Your Next Steps

12pm PDT  |  8pm BST


In this series, Jack Elias will walk you through simple yet profound insights and techniques synthesizing Buddhist wisdom with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & NLP. You will learn how to make your mind work for you and find genuine satisfaction and well-being even in the most challenging times.

For over 34 years, in training and private practice sessions, Jack has helped thousands of people quickly break the bonds of self-defeating inner strife and trauma to restore their natural confidence and creative power.

“Fantastic wisdom bombs, as always! Lots packed into these classes. Too good!”
– Robbie M., Tokyo, Japan

“With Jack’s insightful guidance, the illusion of perfectionism just dissolved and my performance as a group training instructor became fun and effortless! I love these webinars, they help me live with full self-respect. Thank you!”
–Josefin L., Stockholm, Sweden

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Registration options


Recordings of each live webinar will be available to view for 1 week. Zoom links will be sent weekly to registered students.

Jack Elias has studied and practiced Buddhism since 1967, first with Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi, then with Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and now with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. A hypnotherapist and NLP trainer since 1988, Jack is known for his smart, boisterous humor and for distilling profound insights into simple techniques anyone can practice with lasting positive results.