As parents, we must recognize that it is our inner state, not our child's (mis)behavior, that is the cause of our frustration and irritability. Once we make this shift, we can enjoy helping our child learn from mistakes. Here are 8 tips from Jack Elias for doing just that.

“I highly recommend working with Jack. I met with him to discuss a problem I had labeled as a low sense of self-worth and a lack of self-confidence.

We often attribute our limitations to childhood “baggage” –– those familiar disabling habits and unresolved issues that seem to weigh us down and block us from being proactive when challenges arise.

Learn to disarm limiting beliefs and supercharge your ability to heal and move on! In this 4 part webinar in July-August 2021, Jack Elias will walk you through simple yet profound insights and techniques synthesizing Buddhist wisdom with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & NLP. Once you know how the mind works to create or dissolve suffering, you will know how to make your mind work for you!

Miscommunication can start in any number of ways. And vacation plans, while they may be fun to think about at first, are one of the most common situations in which we get mired in misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and resentful irritation. I'll tell you a story of one couple who experienced this, and how they got out of it.