First let’s be clear about what confusion means. “Con” means with. “Fusion” means to pour together. “Confusion” means putting things together that don’t go together.  Our root confusion is confusing the worth of Being with our level of performance at Activities.

In my webinars and workshops, which are very experiential, I talk about 18 different types of confusion that build the architecture of our suffering. The mark of those confusions is the constant turmoil of speedy thoughts and emotions we experience all day long.

Do you have “control issues?” Do you think you have to do things perfectly, without allowing yourself any margin of error? Does fear of failure ever cause you to avoid opportunities to grow because you are convinced you won’t be able to do it “right”?

As parents, we must recognize that it is our inner state, not our child's (mis)behavior, that is the cause of our frustration and irritability. Once we make this shift, we can enjoy helping our child learn from mistakes. Here are 8 tips from Jack Elias for doing just that.