I hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend even if tempered by the tragic mass shooting in Highland Park. Join us in this 4-part webinar on Wednesdays, from July 13 – August 3, and learn how to train your mind to stop creating shame-based attitudes and how to deal with increasing traumatic scenarios in our countries.

People tell me, “I don’t trust myself” almost as often as they tell me, “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy.” When I reply that these statements are not really true, people often counter with, “I know that intellectually, but it doesn’t help.”

“The most powerful, smallest, and largest thing in the universe is the Mind.” –His Holiness the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa   When the human mind possesses such awesome power, why is it that  so many of us feel weak and helpless, believing we are “not good enough”?

I grew up in a small upstate New York town in the afterglow of WWII when the US was economically flourishing. I had the good fortune to live in a peaceful neighborhood, with loving parents and a stable home environment.

First let’s be clear about what confusion means. “Con” means with. “Fusion” means to pour together. “Confusion” means putting things together that don’t go together.  Our root confusion is confusing the worth of Being with our level of performance at Activities.

In my webinars and workshops, which are very experiential, I talk about 18 different types of confusion that build the architecture of our suffering. The mark of those confusions is the constant turmoil of speedy thoughts and emotions we experience all day long.