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How to Be Emotionally Resilient: When Success Is Not Good Enough and Failure Is Not an Option

with Jack Elias 

[ONLINE – SEPT 15 – OCTOBER 6, 2021 – WEDNESDAYS 12pm PDT | 8pm BST]

Have you ever successfully achieved a goal, only to find it wasn’t “the answer” after all? As we face the uncertainty of our time, we bounce from one “solution” to another. But that frenzied activity –– chasing success and avoiding failure –– makes us lose heart. It robs us of our enthusiastic spirit. We need skills to be resilient! In this webinar you will learn the 4 quickest ways to access your joyful, creative power– remaining resilient and enthusiastic about life.
Led by master hypnotherapist and NLP coach Jack Elias, co-author of The Outrageous Guide to Being Fully Alive and author of Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy/NLP.  

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP Certification Training
This online training course includes Virtual Tutorial Sessions in person with Jack!

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