If we are accustomed to living a "good life" of relative privilege, we can tend to be ashamed that we're afraid of epidemics, terrorism, and climate change. This unfortunate combination of feelings makes it difficult to develop a good course of action.

I was very moved recently when I watched a video clip from a talk by David Foster Wallace. In it, he presents valuable insights about directing our mindfulness and focus so that we can become the masters of our life experience.

My clients often look at me with a sense of despair and express the belief that their past is determining their future. Well, according to George, if you're not learning from your past experience, you're right! But what is really going on? What is the most important thing to learn from our past experience, and what should be discarded? Surely we need to retain all manner of common sense things about the world, like, " look both ways before you cross the street."