7 Magic Keys that Will Save Your Relationship

7 Magic Keys that Will Save Your Relationship

& CRUSH the 7 Deadly Trances that Could Be Ruining it

The ‘7 Magic Keys that Will Save Your Relationship’ is designed to help you create just the kind of relationship you want and deserve.

It is divided into eight modules – each is described below.

Each modules costs $200.00. It is recommended (but not required) that you also schedule at least one session with Jack after studying and practicing with each module. ($225.00 for a 90 minute session)

You get permanent online access.

Each module includes several hypnotic audio instruction programs and at least one video instruction program.

7 Magic Keys Enrollment Options

Enrollment Options

Below is a brief outline of what we’ll be covering. As you read through these, you might think, “I already know that” at various points. But do you put what you know into action?  That’s the key. If your relationship is in trouble, clearly you are not!

The hypnotic presentations in each module make it possible to learn on a subconscious level so that you naturally act in healing and beneficial ways for yourself and each other. Listening to and watching these modules repeatedly also ensures rapid and powerful lasting changes.

With each Module, it’s like being able to re-experience great therapy sessions over and over again so you really get the changes in your bones!

In this course you will learn to cultivate a Courageous, Clear Minded, and Open-Hearted Adult State. Then you can apply the 7 Magic Keys that destroy the 7 Deadly Trances.

Each trance has its own unique Magic Key antidote. Each module focuses on one Trance and one Key antidote, teaching you practical ways to apply each Key.

Module One:  

  • Intro: How to stay in a Courageous Adult State to heal Fearful Child states. This is the essential dynamic we bring into action when we encounter each of the 7 Deadly Trances. The deadly trances states are styles of acting out as a fearful child. They are deadly because the fearful child state acts out with the power of an adult body.
  • Trance #1: “The Judge & Jury”: When your disagreements with your partner make you feel like you’re arguing a case in court . . . you’ve fallen into the Deadly Trance we call The Judge and Jury.
  • Antidote with Magic Key #1: “The Ear of the Empath” With the Ear of the Empath, you realize that It’s not about who is right or wrong, good or bad. It’s about recognizing the difference between WHAT YOU DO and WHO YOU ARE. Doing something wrong doesn’t make YOU or Your Partner guilty as charged. It just makes you human. This Magic Key gives you the power to Reach Out to your partner with empathy.

Module Two:

  • Trance #2: “The Hot Potato”: When you’re arguing, your main objective is to prove that your partner is to blame for the problem. Your partner’s main objective is to prove that you’re to blame for it.  You both have fallen into the Deadly Trance we call The Hot Potato – throwing blame back and forth.
  • Antidote with Magic Key #2: “The Lamp of Awareness” With the Lamp of Awareness, we recognize it’s not about deciding who is to blame for the problem. We recognize how our own thinking causes us pain, and that no one is to blame.

Module Three:

  • Trance #3: “The Wrestling Match”: When you’re arguing, you find yourself trying to gain the upper hand, because losing would be intolerable.  When you feel that Proving Your POWER is the only way to preserve your DIGNITY,  you’re caught in the Deadly Trance we call The Wrestling Match.
  • Antidote with Magic Key #3: “The Heart of Generosity” With the Heart of Generosity, you recognize it’s not about who wins or loses power. It’s about recognizing that you ALWAYS have ALL your Power. You couldn’t give it away if you wanted to! It’s not necessary to PROVE your POWER, because it’s a function of who you naturally are. There is no need to win to preserve your dignity. When you are certain that your dignity is never in question, it’s easy to be GENEROUS and work with your partner for your mutual benefit.


7 Magic Keys Enrollment Options

Enrollment Options

Module Four:

  • Trance #4: “The Quicksand”: When conflict arises, if your main concern is pointing out the other’s faults and mistakes, you’ve fallen into the Deadly Trance we call The Quicksand!
  • Antidote with Magic Key #4: “The Eye of Accountability” With the Eye of Accountability, you instantly see that the Most Important Thing is NOT correcting your partner. The MOST Important Thing is correcting the parts of your thinking that are causing you pain. It’s a matter of becoming the kind of person you’d like to have as a partner. We become a good partner to someone by developing a very keen Eye of Accountability. Ironically, it is a solitary journey.

Module Five:

  • Trance #5: “The Bag of Rocks”: The pain of arguing with your partner makes you long for a positive change. But you find yourself thinking “It’s to hard to let go of past hurts and resentments.” You have fallen into the Deadly Trance we call The Bag of Rocks.
  • Antidote with Magic Key #5 “The Core of True Power” With this Magic Key, The Core of True Power, you realize that it’s not about how hard it is to let go of past hurts and resentments. It’s really about letting go of thinking you’ve been defeated and you’re a victim. In order to hold onto resentments, you have to keep thinking of yourself as a victim. When you claim the Core of True Power, you Stand Tall from your CORE, your CENTER, and you can Feel the Truth that you are not a victim. Then it is easy to let go.

Module Six:

  • Trance #6: “The Bed of Nails”: We find ourselves feeling guilty, and endlessly stuck thinking about past mistakes we’ve made. We are stuck in the trance called The Bed of Nails.
  • Antidote with Magic Key #6: “The Sun of Grateful Resolve” When you find the Magic Key called the Sun of Grateful Resolve, you realize the futility of feeling guilty for past mistakes. You see that the real challenge is to TAKE ACTION with COURAGE to CHANGE harmful behaviors — This means anything you’ve done that has caused you harm, as well anything you’ve done to harm others. There is a Brightness to your Enthusiastic Intention to TAKE ACTION, to Make These Healing Gestures, to Make Amends.

Module Seven:

  • Trance #7: “The Prickly Pear”: If you find yourself avoiding all conflict, staying on your guard, out of fear you’ll be rejected or abandoned by your partner, you’ve fallen into the Deadly Trance we call The Prickly Pear.
  • Antidote with Magic Key #7: “The Shield of Radical Positive Regard” To crush this trance, you need the Shield of Radical Positive Regard. Armed with this Shield, there’s no need to fear being rejected or abandoned. And It’s not about you rejecting or abandoning the other person, either. . . Using this Magic Key is about loving and respecting yourself, your partner, and all others . . . No matter what anyone thinks. If you do something wrong, or if someone else does something wrong, you don’t reject yourself and you don’t reject them either. You maintain your Radical Positive Regard . . . You want the best for everyone, all the time.

Module Eight:

Review: The KEY to the Keys! How to Continue to Accessing Ever-Expanding Richness and Positive Possibility in Your Relationship

  • A special Video with Jack, and a Guided mp3 to Activate This Infinitely Resourceful State of Relationship Where It Really Counts––in Your Subconscious Mind.

When you consistently practice using these Magic Keys, results are guaranteed! You’ll be living a life free of fearful deluded trances, happy with yourself and your partner, and you’ll be enjoying the natural courage of your True Self.

Now that you have reviewed the Modules for the 7 Magic Keys, you may enjoy listening to this 30 minute Introduction to the 7 Magic Keys discussing the course,  including case histories and results:

If you have any questions about how to access the information in the Modules, please email me at jack@FindingTrueMagic.com

7 Magic Keys Enrollment Options

Enrollment Options

Good luck and I look forward to working with you.


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