London Practitioner Level Certification Training in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP with optional GHR Accreditation

Join Jack Elias, CHT, author of Finding True Magic, Transpersonal Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy/NLP and founder of the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, in London Sept 20 – Oct 6, 2019 for the first ever 17-day Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP Intensive in the UK.


London Holistic Practice

84 Greencroft Gardens
London, NW6 3JQ, England

September 20 – October 6, 2019

The tuition selections below apply to certification with the Institute for Therapeutic Learning. If you wish to receive GHR accreditation, please refer to the catalogs below for details. Additional tuition for GHR accreditation self-study and assessment is $600 USD. 

Finding True Magic GHR catalog and
GHR FTM Practitioner Supplemental for full details.


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“Since studying with Jack I’ve had the joy of witnessing the huge majority of my clients responding to the
wisdom, techniques and humour I was blessed to learn from him. I greatly recommend any Hypnotherapist or therapist in general to study with Jack or have supervision with him as their number one priority, because his crystal clarity will help you and your clients no end.”
—Matt Greenshields, Hypnotherapist, London UK

“I felt very much that Jack was teaching from a place of great certainty. Although the space was very well held, we were encouraged to ask questions, which Jack proceeded to answer with a wonderful blend of humour, compassion and humility; and, at the same time, cutting through the illusions like a laser. If you’re working from the heart with people, you need this.”
– Paul Thomas, Mid Wales Hypnotherapy UK

“I came to Jack’s Level One 150-hour training in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP with over 500 hours of hypnosis training and with a Practitioner-level certification in NLP. What I learned from Jack went beyond techniques. Take a training with Jack Elias. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or what you think you know.”
Paul Skavland, CHT, Master NLP Practitioner

“If I am a good therapist today, it is a direct result of my having taken Jack’s course. Every week, for one reason or another, I refer to his textbook, Finding True Magic, amazed at how much is there. Thank you, Jack!”
Michael Gershman RN, BCH
Former President, WA State Chapter, National Guild of Hypnotists, Certified NGH Hypnotherapy Instructor

“Jack Elias is a born teacher. He is at home with Socratic dialogue and analysis, and with a Zen paradoxical and intuitive approach. Jack is contributing to the further establishment of hypnotherapy as a total healing method rather than as a technique applied in psychotherapy.”
Ivor Morrish, DEd, UK Author of Disciplines of Education

“Of the five nationally recognized hypnotherapy training programs I am certified in, my time with Jack Elias was the most valuable. Jack awakens clarity and confidence in his students with great heart, spirit, and humor.”
—Putnam MacDaniel, Transpersonal CHT
Former President, WA State Chapter, National Guild of Hypnotists

Participants will learn:

• How to short circuit mental confusion through science-backed methods to activate innate wisdom and remove obstacles to success

• How to engage clients’ issues through Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy NLP, a synthesis of Eastern and Western views and techniques that spark rapid healing and creativity.

• How to use recent discoveries in neuroscience and mindfulness by bringing them together with proven methods of ancient wisdom: Buddhism, Socratic Inquiry, Kashmir Shaivism, and Nondual Advaita Vedanta.

Participants will learn these techniques:

• Depth Hypnosis

• Regression Therapy

• Past-life Therapy

• Accessing Inner Guidance

• Higher Self Integration

• Inner Child Healing & Maturation

• Subpersonality Resolution

• Archetypal Transformation

• Phobia & Trauma Clearing

• Neuro-linguistic Programming

• Ericksonian Hypnosis

Soul Retrieval

• Quantum Hypnosis

• Entity Releasing

• Anchoring

• Shadow Work

• Comprehensive treatment planning

and much more

Finding True Magic GHR catalog and
GHR FTM Practitioner Supplemental for full details.








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