A Winter Contemplation On Mindfulness and Focus

Some time back, I watched a video clip (no longer viewable on YouTube) from a commencement speech given by the late David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College in 2005. In it, he presents valuable insights about directing our mindfulness and focus so that we can become the masters of our life experience. I was surprised and delighted to find that Foster Wallace presents these insights using many of the same examples I’ve been teaching in Finding True Magic Hypnotherapy Trainings for many years.

As we move through the holiday season in the next couple of weeks, during this time when we typically extend and receive blessings, we are also confronted with news of threats of terrorism, epidemics, and other disasters. We are urged to renounce fear, holding onto the goodness of our lives so as to keep an uplifted attitude. But how do we do this?

The speech David Foster Wallace gave, later included in provides a clear and powerful explanation of how to generate, as well as maintain, an uplifted attitude in the face of our habitual reactions to our experience.

This Is Water, by David Foster Wallace

Peace and blessings to you!