Virtual Client Sessions and Trainings

Thinking of you all with prayers and love. Everything has changed!

We’re all being challenged by the sudden appearance of this pandemic and all it brings with it.

For many people, the necessary steps of social distancing and self-quarantine are a resulting in a sense of isolation as well as worry due to financial losses during this chaotic and troubling time.

Whether or not you feel it right now, you have massive, untapped inner resources that can help you meet any crisis, including this one, with resourcefulness, clarity and strength.

I would like to support you in unlocking this inner power for your own benefit and the benefit of your loved ones.

Whatever you may be struggling with right now, I can help you directly access your inner creativity and wisdom. This can, and often does, happen in as little as one session of working together.

As all prudent health authorities have advised that we not meet in person, for the time being I am only doing virtual client sessions via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and phone.

Are virtual sessions as effective as meeting with me in person? Well, I have been doing virtual client sessions for 25 years internationally. I have worked with clients in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Israel, Japan, and Taiwan as well as throughout the US and Canada.

In all cases, these virtual sessions have proven to be every bit as effective as working together in person.

You can schedule a virtual session with me anytime by email at or by phone at 1-206-783-1838. 

For additional support and inspiration at this time of quarantine and uncertainty, you can also find helpful videos and articles on my Facebook page @TranspersonalHypnosisHypnotherapyNLP.

You are warmly invited to participate in two upcoming virtual April trainings:


  • One hour free Zoom presentation, Thursday, April 23rd at 11 AM PDT on Zoom: 

Breathwork & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy:
Integrating Shadow and Avoiding the Traps of Spiritual Bypass

In this program I will be presenting with a former student of mine, Alan Dolan, an accomplished breath coach. Together we’ll share insights and techniques from our respective disciplines to help you live freely and joyfully.

Watch for announcements and the Zoom link on Facebook page  @TranspersonalHypnosisHypnotherapyNLP.

Alan and I have over 50 years of combined experience working with clients and students.
It very likely you will experience breakthroughs from what you learn even in this introductory session.


Let’s be in touch online on my Facebook page or on Instagram @jackeliascht