Moving Beyond the Challenge of Covid19 with Alan Dolan and Jack Elias

In this recorded webinar with transpersonal hypnotherapist Jack Elias and breath coach Alan Dolan, you will learn 4 ways to shift quickly out of fear and into skillful, compassionate action.

Watch the (free) webinar recorded on April 23, 2020

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This time of heightened fear and uncertainty presents extraordinary opportunities for building our healing capacities and transpersonal skills.

The practices of Breathwork and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP wake up your natural abilities to transform darkness, disease, fear, and shadow into the light of wisdom.

We focus on an event (such as a pandemic or illness) as though it is a static thing, but Life is always moving. Every moment is a completely new “event.”

We want to “get past this” but “this” is Life Itself, and we are Life, as revealed in the breath and mind in every moment.

Certain practices can support us living in the creative flow of freedom and liberation, so that all of our actions become naturally beneficial to ourselves and others.

These practices come to us through ancient spiritual wisdom teachings as well as through more recent holistic sciences.

Join us and learn 4 practices for moving beyond any challenge, including Covid-19, with calm courage and skill.

ALAN DOLAN, breath coach and founder of Breathguru, has spent 15 years changing people’s lives (including his own) with the simple power of breathing.


trainer and transpersonal hypnotherapist is the author of Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy NLP and Founder-Director of The Institute for Therapeutic Learning.