Banish the 5 Enemies of Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being

4-Part Webinar Series with Jack Elias, CHT

We are all familiar with these 5 enemies of our well-being. And amid the difficulties we now face in our world, we may feel more vulnerable than ever to these inner trolls:

  • Fear
  • Blame
  • Shame 
  • Resentment
  • Perfectionism

We feel “bad” about having them. We consider them to be our character flaws.Yet we keep them around as if they are our best friends!

These enemies are not merely feeling states or character flaws. In this webinar, Jack Elias will reveal how we unconsciously choose these 5 enemies as life strategies, despite the fact that they destroy our ability to create and maintain health and joy in every area of life –– from  sexuality, relationships and parenting, to a satisfying livelihood, to enjoyment of genuine recreation and rejuvenation.

Understanding how these 5 enemies function as destructive strategies, motivates you to get free of them. 

You can’t fight them, but you can learn how to make them disappear! In this series of 4 webinars, Jack will show you how.

As a Hypnosis/NLP trainer and longtime Buddhist practitioner, Jack has a unique style of presentation: first he explains profound, transformative insights, then he demonstrates them in a dynamic Q&A with participants. Everyone is included in the learning process. Whether participants interact with Jack directly or witness others interacting with him, they often experience themselves becoming free from fear, blame, shame, resentment, and perfectionism. 

Each class will go deeper into how to free yourself from the confusion and suffering these enemies cause. 

Recordings of each live webinar will be available to view for 1 week after each class. Zoom links will be sent to registered students.


Seeing Clearly:
How to Spot the 5 Enemies’ Dirty Tricks and Get Free of Them


12pm PDT  |  8pm BST


WEEK 2  

Approaching and Engaging:
How to Contact and Release the 5 Enemies Without Losing Your Head


12pm PDT  |  8pm BST


WEEK 3  

Avoid Entanglement:
How Not to Be Lured Back In When the 5 Enemies Pretend to Leave 


12pm PDT  |  8pm BST



Refreshing Awareness:
How to Prevent Complacency Once You Achieve Some Success


12pm PDT  |  8pm BST


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Recordings of each live webinar will be available to view for 1 week after each class. Zoom links will be sent to registered students.

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Jack Elias has studied and practiced Buddhism since 1967, first with Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi, then with Buddhist teachers Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.
A hypnotherapist and NLP trainer since 1988, Jack is known for his smart, boisterous humor and
for distilling profound insights into simple techniques anyone can practice with lasting positive results.