Defeat Holiday Stress – Dissolve Fears & Family Resentments

What would it be like to fully enjoy the holidays and feel confident as you approach the new year?

Ironically, the upcoming season of joy, generosity, and celebration can be a time of fear, stress, loneliness, and disappointment for some of us.

Family gatherings can bring up old resentments. High expectations or perfectionism intensify our stress. And ruminating on this year’s disappointments or losses, we may begin to dread the year to come.

Join Jack Elias, CHT, this Wednesday! It will be the first class of this 4-part Zoom webinar every Wednesday, Dec 1 – Dec. 22, 2021:

Be Free of Fear, Enjoy the Holidays and Renew in 2022

In this webinar you will learn to recognize and pull fears out at their root! End the influence of unhealthy family patterns and learn to model healthy patterns to family and friends.

​Stay safe and join people from around the world for this transformative learning experience. You deserve to experience a calm heart and a peaceful mind!